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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Burberry dropping Kate

LONDON (AFP) - Upmarket clothes and accessories chain Burberry said it was dropping Kate Moss from an advertising campaign following allegations the supermodel used cocaine.
The announcement came a day after Swedish-based fashion retail giant H and M said it was scrapping a promotional campaign also featuring Moss, 31, following the claims in British tabloid newspapers.

On Wednesday, French fashion house Chanel said it would keep a current advertising campaign using Moss.

"Since last week we have been in discussions with Kate Moss's representatives," a Burberry spokesman said in a statement.

"Kate has worked successfully with Burberry on a number of assignments over the years. However, we have never had a contract with Kate, or any other model, to be the 'face' of Burberry.

"At the current time we had one project scheduled with Kate for this autumn and in the circumstances both Kate and Burberry have mutually agreed that it is inappropriate to go ahead," he said.

"Kate has always been a fantastic model and highly professional for Burberry. We are saddened by her current circumstances and hope she overcomes her problems as soon as possible. We wish Kate all the best."

A week ago Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper published grainy video camera stills which appeared to show Moss using cocaine in a music studio where her rock-star lover Pete Doherty -- a self-confessed drug addict -- was recording with his band.

Other newspapers took up the story eagerly, with tabloid titles running a series of lurid allegations about Moss involving sex and drugs in the following days.

On Tuesday, H and M said it was cancelling a planned campaign with Moss, saying to do otherwise would be "inconsistent with H and M's clear dissociation with drugs".

Chanel said it was continuing as planned with an on-going advertising campaign using Moss scheduled to last until the end of October, but that it had no further plans to work with her again "in the the near future".

Adding to Moss's woes, police in London have said they will look into the drug allegations.

A Metropolitan Police spokeswoman said assistant commissioner Tarique Ghaffur "has reviewed the matter and has asked officers from the specialist crime directorate to look at reports, as highlighted in a national newspaper".

Kate performing Billie Jean video


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